Our company

ECOBEST is a dynamically growing Greek company founded to meet the needs of its customers with an innovative, reliable and economical construction system.

ECOBEST offers high energy-efficient, environmentally friendly constructions that best meet the specific climate and earthquake requirements of Greece which means that can be easily adopted by any other country.

Thanks to the quality and low cost of our products, we are successfully operating not only in Greece and Cyprus but we have started our first building constructions in the wider region of Balkans.

Our Vision

Our vision is to radically change the developments in the construction sector, in many different countries of the world, with an innovative, credible and economical proposal.

ECOBEST is very proud of the research carried out under the auspices of the National Technical University of Athens and has demonstrated the unique anti-seismic properties of our system.

With constant research and hard work, our company creates high quality, durable products that actively contribute to energy savings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our customers' dreams come true by fulfilling all their needs, always relying on total quality management that our company has adopted.

This is the reason why we have succeeded in creating an integrated manufacturing system that exceeds market expectations for quality, durability, speed of installation, energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

Our company is renowned for its professionalism and the consistency with which it fulfills its obligations. The relationships we build with our customers are relationships that last as long as our constructions.