From the Paleolithic era and the first human dwellings, caves, tents, simple wooden structures, huts, up to this day, the need for installation and housing has always been adapted to the different requirements of each era, to the requirements and prospects of man, and was commensurate with the available materials within each region.

The most popular construction system in Greece is the conventional construction or otherwise the construction of reinforced concrete as concrete is the main building material of Greece (and not only). The terms béton-concrete and béton armé-Reinforced Concrete are not a coincidence as the first steps of the material were made in France.

The reasons why reinforced concrete prevailed have a direct bearing on its obvious advantages: economical, easy to use, supple, durable, with a high degree of durability and safety against earthquakes. However, reinforced concrete also has several disadvantages such as high weight, structural failures, costly repairs, limited thermal insulation properties, etc.

Development of Construction Systems

In general, the development in the field of construction and especially in Greece has always been slow, as there has always been a significant delay in adapting between architectural design and innovation, with the result that construction traditions, experience and culture have created a strong root system in the region of construction that did not allow the development of new techniques and materials.

However, major changes in all areas of human life could not have a less significant impact on construction. One of the progress of the last decades is the development of steel structures in most advanced countries of the world, primarily due to their excellent earthquake-proof behavior.

ECOBEST, using new technologies, new design methods combined with new regulations, has created a new innovative building construction system. The ECOBEST system is based on the principles of composite construction. The term composite defines any structural element consisting of two basic parts, concrete and steel, which are interconnected in such a way (shear bonding) that both the slipping and the separation of one material are restricted.

Construction System

The ECOBEST construction system has been able to combine the advantages of reinforced concrete and steel while eliminating many of their disadvantages by using a third basic material, EPS expanded polystyrene, providing constructions with a high energy-efficiency, environmentally friendly, which best meet the particular climate and earthquake requirements of Greece.

The heart of the ECOBEST construction system is based on a series of industrial expanded polystyrene panels (insulating medium) and galvanized steel wire mesh (reinforcement). The ECOBEST construction system having completed the research at the NTUA Seismic Technology Laboratory. (National Technical University of Athens) fulfills the necessary dynamic and static requirements of the current anti-seismic regulation in full compliance with the Eurocodes.