Seismic Tests

Our company with the seismic tests performed in the earthquake simulator platform of the National Seismic Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens showed that compared to conventional brick filling wall ECOBEST has:

Greater compressive, shear and flexural strength within its field, greater resistance to deformation, significant delay in cracking and avoid collapse.

ECOBEST wall system reduces dead seismic loads of construction as its own weight is reduced to 1/3, compared to brick masonry. Completing the research will introduce the application of standard regulations, both for the installation of the walls as well as for its only constituent component, mortar, allowing for the first time the ability to calculate wall fillings to the bearing structure by optimizing the overall strength of the building.

Structural steelwork

Structural steelwork with ECOBEST wall system

Reinforced concrete with masonry brick wall

Reinforced concrete with ECOBEST wall system