ECOBEST is committed to provide a SAFE AND SECURE WORK ENVIRONMENT for all its Employees, Service Providers & Visitors.

Our main objective is to reinforce the importance of Environment, Health, Safety and Security.  The challenging environment of building construction requires strict policies and procedures in order to reduce exposure to both identified and unidentified risks. It is of great importance our continuous adaptability to all mandatory and statutory rules and regulations.

Our service providers and visitors should also

Know the key ECOBEST safety and health rules and how to apply them.

Recognize, Understand and Respect safety and health & fire prevention signs.

Know how to adequately react to emergency situations.

Know how to report any safety and health related issue

By following all these Guidelines it is not possible to cover every situation. In all cases, the safety and health risks present shall be reviewed and, when required by ECOBEST, additional practices should be established as needed to minimize those risks. It is everyone’s duty to work safely and to correct unsafe acts, practices and conditions for the protection of one’s self and others. It is extremely important that each person understands how to accomplish each task safely and if not known or understood, stop and ask before the work begins.

ECOBEST relies on the quality of its employees to deliver services that meet or even exceed our client’s expectations following our Total Quality Management System. This is the reason why our people are something more than employees to us, they are our partners in our continuous effort to satisfy our clients needs.