ECOBEST is an innovative, versatile and easy-to-use building system consisting of assembled, modular, industrial panels.

The ECOBEST wall panels consists of two main parts:

  • The expanded polystyrene core which is non-toxic, non-hazardous, self-extinguishing and chemically inert.
  • The two galvanized high strength wire meshes are connected together forming a 3D wire mesh using steel wire joints which are electrowelded with them.

Single Panel EBT

EBT single panel is used for exterior and interior partition walls for residential, industrial and commercial construction. It can also be used as exterior thermal insulation of buildings as well as for overlaying concrete elements. The single panel is available in thicknesses from: 5cm - 50cm

Floor Panel EBPT

EBPT floor panel is used for floor and ceiling construction based on the principles of truss slabs, also known as ribbed slabs (Zoellner). In the ECOBEST construction system it is used for the manufacture of composite Zoellner slabs. The EBPT floor panel is used as a retaining formwork, significantly reducing the construction cost of building concrete slabs by providing excellent thermal and sound insulation properties at horizontal levels. More>>

Enhanced Double Mesh Single Panel EBTDM

EBTDM enhanced double mesh single panel can be used as a partition wall or even as a load-bearing wall finished with two outer layers of concrete using a special gunite shotcrete machine. It can be used in composite structures for the construction of the perimeter walls of the basement when the metal frame starts from the level of foundation. It can also be used in special applications for the wall coating of the ECOBEST system with stone. It can be properly fitted with additional horizontal and vertical reinforcement steel bars between the two wire meshes according to the static requirements of the bearing wall.

Double Panel EBTD

EBTD double panel consists of two single panels that are properly configured and connected with dual horizontal joints. The inner reinforcement of the panel is made of double rack with 200 * 200 mm cross section of diameter Φ8.0 - 10.0 - 12.0. The gap formed by the connection of the two single panels is filled with concrete with suitable characteristics and resistance. Depending on the structural requirements, the diameter of the reinforcement as well as the gap between the panels vary. EBTD double panel can be used as load-bearing wall and under special conditions for (bell towers, chimneys, tanks, swimming pools, aqueducts, etc.). More>>

Curved Panel EBTC

EBTC curved panel can be used in special architectural applications (churches, domes, curved ceilings, etc.). More>>