Basic Ways to Connect the Wall Panels

Connection In Series

The ECOBEST wall panels are designed to form wire mesh overlays (male - female) in order to satisfy the required armor coverage specified in Eurocode regulations.

Angular Connection

The connection is achieved by the use of two specially shaped corner wire meshes that are fastened internally and externally to the wall corner by the use of wire or special metal clips applied with the appropriate pneumatic connection tool.

Vertical Connection

In perfect correspondence with the angular connection, the vertical connection of the ECOBEST wall panels is carried out using two specially shaped angular wire meshes that are positioned respectively at the two corners formed by the vertical connection of the panels.

Basic Ways of Shaping Wall Openings

The openings are plotted on the slab where a drill opens the necessary holes in the concrete for mounting the wall anchors (Φ8 / 350 in Π layout). The steel anchors are manufactured in a special mold and are been electrowelded in such a way as to achieve the necessary mechanical anchoring to the slab without the use of epoxy resins. The panels are then connected to each other creating uniform wall surfaces and placed in the appropriate positions according to the architectural design following the already installed steel anchoring, creating the appropriate openings.


Following the openings formation, special reinforced Π-shaped wire meshes are installed in such a way to the clear surface of the polystyrene that has to be reinforced in order to be plastered.

All corners of the openings are reinforced with flat diagonal wire meshes which protect the plaster from fractures in the event of an earthquake in which the generated stresses are at an angle of 45 °.


The stages of shaping the openings and reinforcing them with wire meshes.